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Operator of Global IoT Services providing Space IoT Communications & Solutions

Space-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) business


The Skywalker Constellation includes 48 satellites with a data collection capability from ground-based terminals every hour down to a few minutes depending on latitude 


 AIS, future VDES and ADS-B payloads for global ship detection and airplane monitoring services. 

Providing data collection services at least twice per day worldwide that enables immediate access to the market

LoRa chipset allows access to affordable, low power consuming and reliable ground terminals

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Global Coverage

Skywalker Constellation's 48 satellites:

36 LEO Walker-δ orbits and 12 SSO

36 satellites to be deployed into 6 different orbits in700km@50°LEO with an orbit phase difference of 60°

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Launch Details



December 7, 2019

Orbit: 500km@SSO, 16:00


May 31, 2020

500km@SSO, 16:53


June 17, 2020

500km@SSO, 15:19

2 Satellites

Q3/Q4, 2021

500km@SSO, 10:30/6:00/18:00

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Skywalker Communication Terminal

Space Internet of Things

Full signal coverage around the globe

With HEAD’s Skywalker constellation satellite network and cellular communications in place, our service can cover every place in the world



Our terminal relies on low power while being small and light at the same time

Efficient and optimal IoT Solutions

Our terminal is easy to integrate, fast to deploy and flexible to use

How does it work?

Low-earth orbit satellites

Ground stations


Cloud-based storage

Web platform, Analyctics, Big Data, AI

IoT Terminals

Data collection capability from every minute to every hour depending on latitude

Tags, sensors, trackers


What we offer to International Partners and

End Users

Taking off-the-shelf terrestrial technology/chips into space
> Affordable airtime and price competitive terminal

High-gain antennas on satellites broadcasting satellites calendar

> Low power consumption = 2 batteries for 2 years

Open up a new and big market with Immediate access

Data Collection System (DCS)

AIS Applications

ADS-B Applications