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Satellite Imagery

Data collected by a series of 40 on-orbit Chinese Earth observation satellites including:


Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)

ranging from 0.5m to 30m optical data

Submeter optical data with daily revisit globally Optical (panchromatic, multispectral & hyperspectral) 

C-band radar up to 1m resolution

All weather Day & Night

Earth Observation

Daily Revisit

Global coverage

Images that capture all

Get custom made and specific solutions with our satellite tasking capability to meet your project requirements. Here is a glimpse of what we offer:

SV -Burj Khalifa- Dubai UAE-20180206.jpg

SV, 0.5m, 2018/02/06, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Priority levels set to your needs

Flexible collection window, up to 365 days time window for data collection

Images from very high-resolution satellites Superview 1/2/3/4

See-through clouds ability

Competitive rates and excellent service

GF3 SAR, 1m, 2016/08/17 Wuhan, China

Superview  - Accessible price for very high resolution at 50cm

EarthScanner JL-1KF01- The world’s first 136km swath optical satellite at 0.5m resolution

Superview Constellation and EarthScanner JL-1 KF-01, Jilin Stereo GF02A/02B, Jilin GXA- Daily revisit constellation at 0.5m and 0.75m resolution  

NaturEYE GF-1A/B/C/D, GF-6, ZY Tri-Stereo ZY-3 01/02, HyperScan JL-1 GP01/02, CBRERS

A virtual constellation of 10 satellites at medium resolution (2 to 5m) offering weekly revisit capacity


GF-7, ZY Tri-Stereo ZY-3 01/02

Stereo Imaging at both submeter and medium resolution allowing you to build your 3D mapping.

GF-3- C-band SAR satellite very high resolution at affordable cost

GF-4- The world first geostationary satellite allows real-time change detection such as forest fire monitoring

HyperScan JL-1 GP01/02- Hyperspectral imagery at 5m resolution for a better analytic solution for natural resource monitoring


NightVision & Video Constellation JL-1 SP03/07/08 and JL-1SP04/05/06

A constellation of 6 video satellites with submeter color video and night imaging