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Video +Article: How HEAD Imaged an Entire Country on a Monthly Basis

The National data portal of the Netherlands aims to fulfil all the demands in imagery to the entire country for various applications and vertical markets. HEAD has a four-year contract with the Netherlands Space Organization (NSO) from 2019 to 2022, offering six full country coverages monthly during the vegetation season and one during winter. Today there are around 50 new users each month, representing 1500 users in the countryside. The surface area of The Netherlands is approximately 41,000km², and the daily image capacity of the SuperView (SV) constellation is 2 million km².

This video recording is a demonstration of the actual National data portal of the Netherlands which provides imagery to users in the Netherlands. The portal consists of SV imagery at 0.5m resolution and aerial imagery at 25cm. Satellite imagery offers a more regular update with monthly coverage during crop season, as aerial imagery is only updated once a year due to the high cost and the large surface area. This demonstration shows the Tulip farmlands in 2019 and 2020 before, during and after the crop season with Superview satellite constellation with 50cm pan/2m MS. Satellite imagery applies to urban planning, infrastructure, and asset monitoring thanks to fresh imagery at very high resolution, allowing identification of objects such as buildings, vessels, road networks and more.

Our reseller UP42 posted an article on our project with The NSO highlighting the capacity of the SuperView and EarthScanner satellites that we offer from our 45-satellite portfolio.

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