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The First 30cm Images from SuperView Satellites Launched on 29 April 2022

Beijing time at 12:11 pm on 29 April 2022, following the launch of one 30cm and four DailyVision 75cm satellites from Jilin-1 Constellation, the second launch of HEAD Aerospace on 29 April placed two 30cm SuperView satellites in orbit. On 3 May 2022, just four days after the launch, the first images were collected by SuperView Neo-1. Below are the 30 cm images of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, USA, and Doha, Qatar.

SuperView Neo-1 first 30cm Image: The McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, USA

SuperView Neo-1 first 30cm Image: Doha, Qatar

The first generation of SuperView comprises four 50cm satellites and a 40cm satellite addition in 2020. Two SuperView SAR satellites at 50cm are scheduled to launch in a few months. HEAD expects to offer 30cm images from SuperView Neo-1 and Neo-2 and JL-1 GF04 to worldwide customers in one or two months.


HEAD Aerospace is a one-stop-shop service provider with integrated access from multiple Earth observation satellite constellations to complex turnkey geospatial solutions. A global network of 120 partners accesses HEAD’s centralized geodata hub of satellite imagery collected from more than 70 on-orbit satellites. In addition to the Earth observation and geospatial business unit, HEAD operates its own Space-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) constellation with five on-orbit satellites as part of the 48 satellites constellation plan in 2023.

Press contact:

Elena van der Hofstede, Communications Manager

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