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More HEAD Aerospace satellites launched on 5 May, following up the two launches on 29 April 2022

HEAD Aerospace is excited to announce that the 3rd EarthScanner (JL-1KF01C) 50cm resolution/150km swath satellite and seven DailyVision (JL-1GF03D) 75cm satellites launched on 5 May 2022. With this launch, another eight satellites were added to the Jilin-1 Constellation.

The JL-1KF01C satellite fully inherits the mature technology of the JL-1KF01A/B satellites, with a swath greater than 150km. It provides image service with a resolution of 0.5m in full color and 2m in multispectral bands featuring very high resolution, ultra-large swath, ultra-large storage, and high-speed data transmission.

The JL-1GF03D 27-33 satellites are lightweight and compact submeter remote sensing satellites that provide image products with a resolution of 0.75m in full color and 3m in multispectral bands at the swath of 17km, featuring low cost, low power consumption, low weight, and high resolution.

These eight JL-1 satellites will be networked with the other 46 Jilin-1 satellites in orbit, enabling a revisit of 17 to 20 times a day anywhere in the world. The new satellites increase the satellite portfolio of HEAD Aerospace to 76 on-orbit satellites providing VHR Satellite Imagery, Medium resolution Imagery, SAR, Hyperspectral and night imagery, and Video, following an ongoing growth and expansion plan.

This mission is the 19th launch of the JL-1 satellite project.


HEAD Aerospace is a one-stop-shop service provider with integrated access from multiple Earth observation satellite constellations to complex turnkey geospatial solutions. A global network of 120 partners accesses HEAD’s centralized geodata hub of satellite imagery collected from more than 70 on-orbit satellites. In addition to the Earth observation and geospatial business unit, HEAD operates its own Space-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) constellation with five on-orbit satellites as part of the 48 satellites constellation plan in 2023.

Press contact:

Elena van der Hofstede, Communications Manager

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