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Milestone: New members HEAD 2A and HEAD 2B joining Skywalker family

On December 7, 2019, 16:50 local time, two space IoT demonstrative satellites HEAD 2A and HEAD 2B developed by China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. LTD were launched from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre by KZ-1A rocket. Both satellites entered the pre-set orbit successfully. After completing a scheduled in-orbit test mission, the satellites will provide customers with a series of services including satellite IoT data in space, global AIS vessel data collection and ADS-B flight data monitoring. In the future, HEAD will launch 48 low-earth orbit satellites to complete the deployment of the ' Skywalker' constellation.

HEAD will continue to increase investment in science and technology innovation and scientific research and plan the construction of satellite ground station network. At the same time HEAD will speed up R&D investment in the satellite network and ground terminal products. The focus lies on air shipping, Internet and satellite remote sensing applications which integrates intelligent spatial information service ability integration in transportation, smart grid, WISDOM, smart container port, land surveying and mapping, maritime surveillance, disaster warning, pollution monitoring, and emergency communication.

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