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HEAD releases HEADFinder – Global Easy Access Portal for Images from Multi-Chinese Satellites

August 01, 2020 – HEAD Aerospace (HEAD) officially released HEADFinder – Multi-sources Imagery Portal. With its server located in Europe, HEADFinder provides users outside of China access to archive imagery collected by Chinese satellites which were not easily accessible before. The Portal facilitates users to find images collected by 30 Earth Observation satellites from various satellite constellations operated by several owners in a one-stop-shop - HEADFinder.

HEADFinder allows access to satellite series including Superview constellation, Jilin-1 series satellites and other Chinese government satellites such as GaoFen series satellites. It offers a portfolio of 30 satellites including 17 optical satellites at submeter resolution with the highest resolution up to 50cm, that will raise to 40cm with the launch of GF-MM on July 3, 2020.

  • Two sub-meter constellations with daily targeting capability - Superview – Jilin-1 GF/KF/GXA

  • Twice per day submeter color video from Jilin-1 SP 03/04/05/06/07/08 constellation as well as high-quality night images.

  • Extra-wide swath 136km with 50cm resolution – Jilin-1 KF-1 that can cover a country or province in one pass

  • Both Superview Constellation and Jilin-1 GF02A/02B are capable of providing stereo imagery

The medium resolution satellites possess the following useful characteristics:

Dedicated mapping satellites: ZY-3 01 & 02 with three cameras on board for stereo imaging at 2.1m for 1:25,000 map; soon GF-7 delivering 0.75m stereo images from three cameras for 1:10,000 map will add to the list. GF-7 also carries a laser altimeter payload. It increases the accuracy of geolocation and elevation in 10 folds.

GF-1 A/B/C/D and GF-6 are operated in constellations and are capable of targeting anywhere on Earth, once per day at 2m resolution. With the accumulated swath width ~440km, by adding in ZY-3 01/02 that can cover a significant size of areas weekly.

GF-1A and GF-6 have also carried 850km swath payload at 16m resolution. With the launch of two additional satellites with the same payload, the constellation shall be able to cover everywhere once per day. Jilin-1 GP01/02 offer 5m resolution hyper-spectral imagery at 110km wide swath.

Soon, GF-3 and GF-4 will be available in the Portal. GF-3 is a C-band SAR satellite with the resolution up to 1m with the most modes of operations in the world for full weather and day & night monitoring. GF-4 is a Geostationary Earth Observation satellite that delivers 50m resolution 400*400km images at the minimum interval of 20 seconds. With the upcoming launches, the Portal will provide access to >60 satellites soon in the future.

Get informed, Start exploring! Go and check out the HEADFinder Portal here.

HEAD is uniquely positioned to provide speedy and reliable access to our partners outside of China through this integrated platform to satellite images from 30+ Earth observation satellites operated by Chinese commercial and government Earth Observation operator. HEAD ’s global sales team is working from every corner of the world, managing 40 distributors worldwide - a fast expanding global distribution network in Africa, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America- to provide timely responses to the inquiries from customers and timely and satisfactory delivery to customers

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