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HEAD Launches HEAD-5, their 5th satellite of the Skywalker Constellation

On June 17, 2020, at 15:19, China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. (HEAD) launched the HEAD-5, an Internal of Things (IoT) satellite in Jiuquan, China. After entering the preset orbit, it marked the second successful launch during the Covid-19 pandemic; Only last month, on May 31, the HEAD-4 satellite was launched successfully.

HEAD is also accelerating the development of a global satellite ground station network. Plans for ground stations in Thailand and Ethiopia are in development with commercial and local partners. Further ground receiving stations are planned on more locations in Africa and Europe.

HEAD continues its investment in space technology innovation and its constellation plan. The focus lies on smart satellites with integrated applications based on spatial information such as smart transportation, smart grid, smart port, land surveying and mapping, marine supervision, disaster warning and pollution monitoring.

About China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (HEAD)

HEAD is a privately owned commercial space company, with an intensive global presence with the headquarter in Beijing and subsidiaries in Hongkong, France and the Netherlands as well as staff located in the United Kingdom, Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa. HEAD successfully assisted international aerospace companies commercializing their space products and services in China over the last 12 years. Driven by a high interest in the small satellite market, HEAD invested in a constellation of small satellites with multiple payloads dedicated to providing value-added services and applications. Five satellites launched in 2017, 2019 and 2020 as part of ‘Skywalker’, a multi-functional IoT constellation. HEAD commercializes satellite-based Earth observation data collected from Chinese commercial and civilian satellites.

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