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HEAD launches 4th satellite of the ‘Skywalker’ constellation

On May 31st 2020, at 16:53, China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co’s HEAD 4 AIS/ADS-B/DCS satellite was launched by a Long March 2C carrier rocket in Jiuquan and successfully entered the preset orbit. After in-orbit tests, the satellite will network with the HEAD-I satellite (launched 2017) and the HEAD-II A/B satellite (launched 2019) for data acquisition tasks. 

Initially, the Skywalker constellation will have a high-frequency revisit coverage capability of key global regions providing global customers with intelligent space big data fusion application services based on ship AIS data, aircraft ADS-B data and data collected by ground DCS terminal.

In the future, HEAD will continue R&D investment in science and technology innovation and scientific research to speed up the constellation network. The focus will be on smart satellite IoT + EO application service based on spatial information like smart transportation, smart grid, smart port, land surveying and mapping, marine supervision, disaster warning, pollution monitoring and more.

With more relevant experience and higher ability, HEAD will offer reliable and stable space-based IoT services to global customers.

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