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HEAD Aerospace hosts webinar on their Skywalker IoT Constellation services

Paris, France, 08 July 2021 - HEAD Aerospace Group, headquartered in Beijing, China and its subsidiary in Paris, France, announced their first successful Webinar held on 6th and 8th July 2021 introducing the Skywalker IoT Constellation. On both days, the virtual event saw over 200+ participants spread across 182 companies from 63 countries.

The Webinar focusing on Remote Monitoring with the Skywalker Internet of Things (IoT)constellation provided an insight into IoT Market Forecast, IoT Product Offerings, Use Cases, and a Live Demo, concluding with an insightful Q&A session. HEAD welcomed Mr Pacôme Révillon, CEO of Euroconsult, moderating the event and presenting the IoT Market and Forecast

Skywalker is an advanced LEO SMALLSAT constellation operated by HEAD Aerospace that aims at providing two-way data communication and reliable location information acquisition services for M2M and IoT devices. With five satellites already in orbit, the Skywalker Constellation can provide data collection services at least twice per day worldwide, enabling immediate access to the market. The Skywalker Constellation will, when completed in 2023, have 48 satellites both in SSO and inclined orbit with global coverage providing near real-time services for a variety of IoT applications..

Dr Wei Sun, HEAD's Vice President of International Business, and Ms. Kammy Brun, Managing Director of Head Technology France, said "We are very excited with the success of our first Skywalker IoT Webinar with the participation of such a large number of companies spread across 63 countries. The overwhelming response made us resolve to advance roll out of our services across the globe with a commitment to provide solutions to our customer needs."

If you did not get the chance to join our webinar, we invite you to catch up and learn about our Skywalker constellation with the webinar video recording and presentation here.

ABOUT HEAD Aerospace

HEAD Aerospace is a one-stop-shop service provider with integrated access from multiple Earth observation satellite constellations to complex turnkey geospatial solutions. A global network of 100 partners access HEAD’s centralized geodata hub of satellite imagery collected from more than 45 on-orbit satellites. Distinguished satellite attributes allow the end-user to develop diversified applications. Early morning tasking to be the first one to observe the world. Nighttime imaging to see what is happening at night. One single image capturing the entire country. Direct receiving station for near real-time monitoring. In addition to the Earth observation and geospatial business unit, HEAD operates its own Space-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) constellation with five on-orbit satellites as part of the 48 satellites constellation plan in 2023.

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