HEAD Aerospace and ShadowBreak Intl. Sign Distribution Agreement

Intelligence Consultancy ShadowBreak Intl. gains access to Chinese Satellite Imagery providers

London, UK. Today, ShadowBreak Intl, an intelligence consultancy company that delivers critical insight for decision makers based on data from multiple sources through their ReconLink and TacSight platforms and HEAD Aerospace Group, a proven partner in the Chinese aerospace industry with successful international collaboration experience have signed a distribution agreement.

HEAD Aerospace will provide ShadowBreak access to catalogue imagery and tasking capabilities from a wide range of Chinese operated satellites; including the Jilin and Gaofen constellations. ShadowBreak CEO Samuel Cardillo said “this marks an exciting moment which allows us to bring little known capabilities such as video-tasking to new markets while expanding our access to catalogue imagery”.

‘This partnership will certainly address a new community of users with the innovative business model of Shadowbreak, we are glad to be part of its success.” Kammy Brun, Managing Director, HEAD France. 

Going forward HEAD Aerospace and ShadowBreak intend to:

  • Innovate to make information contained within satellite imagery more readily accessible.

  • Collaborate to integrate the HEAD Aerospace imagery catalogue into ShadowBreak’s ReconLink imagery acquisition platform.

  • Open up new opportunities especially within the intelligence sphere.

ShadowBreak Intl is an intelligence consultancy company based in London, UK. Founded in 2019, ShadowBreak is developing platforms to disrupt the way satellite imagery is acquired and analysed. 

HEAD Aerospace is a commercial space company headquartered in Beijing, China with subsidiaries in Paris, France and Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Founded in 2007, HEAD commercialize imagery collected from 30+ satellites and operates its own Internet-of-Things (IoT) constellation with four on-orbit satellites. 

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