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Five new JL-1GF03D satellites launched increasing the number of satellites in Jilin-1 Constellation

Beijing - 16 November 2022, 14:20 pm. Another five JL-1 series satellites, including JL-1 GF03D-08 and JL-1GF03D-51 to 54, successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in China, marking the 22nd launch of the Jilin-1 Constellation.

The ceremony for shipping the five JL-1 GF03D satellites for launch on Oct 27, 2022

The JL-1 GF-03D satellite is a light and compact 75cm optical remote sensing satellite. Now, 37 identical JL-1 GF03D satellites, including the five satellites launched on 16 November 2022, are in orbit to form the Jilin-1 Constellation comprising 68 satellites in orbit. Another eight JL-1 GF03D satellites are scheduled to launch before the end of 2022. By the end of 2023, the Jilin-1 Constellation will have 138 satellites in orbit, the majority consisting of JL-1 GF03D satellites. The JL-1 GF03D is a State Of Art submeter low-cost microsatellite benefiting from the mass production of the deployment of the Jilin-1 constellation. With the additional five satellites, the Jilin-1 Constellation has increased the imaging capability anywhere on Earth to at least 18 times a day.

The new launch of Jilin-1 Constellation on 16th Nov 2022

Following this successful launch, HEAD Aerospace is glad to announce that its satellite portfolio has increased from 86 to 91, meeting all demands of Earth Observation from space. Within the portfolio, 72 out of 91 satellites offer VHR imagery from 30cm to 1m resolution to its global users for mapping, urban management, and precision census and management of agriculture, forestry, and land resources, as well as maritime security and environmental protection.

Press Contact:

Elena van der Hofstede | Marketing & Communication Manager

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