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Another GaoFen submeter satellite soon commercially available

July 3, 2020 - China successfully launched the GaoFen Multi mode satellite (GFMM) integrated imaging satellite with the Long March 4 B launch vehicle at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.

The launch of the GFMM will further increase the Earth observation satellite portfolio commercialized by HEAD Aerospace. Currently, HEAD has access to more than 30 civilian and commercial satellites, including optical and radar imagery as well as video sequence collected by satellite. Half of the satellite portfolio offers sub-meter resolution satellite imagery.

As part of the GaoFen series satellites, the agile GFMM satellite is a civilian optical satellite with a sub-meter resolution. It switches between multiple imaging modes with its multiple operational payloads including a very high-resolution camera offering sub-meter resolution imagery, an atmospheric synchronization corrector and a laser communication terminal techno-demo payload.

The GFMM satellite targets to provide sub-meter resolution imagery for various vertical markets. It includes surveying and mapping, agriculture, environmental protection, forestry & natural resources monitoring, geological survey and emergency disaster mitigation, infrastructure monitoring.


HEAD Aerospace (HEAD), founded in 2007, is a privately-owned space company with headquarter in Beijing. HEAD has extended presence globally including subsidiaries in Hong Kong, France and the Netherlands as well as hosting global business development teams in the United Kingdom, Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa. Thanks to our access to 30+ Earth observation satellites, HEAD has a unique positioning to be a key player in the geospatial market and act as a prime contractor to provide complex turnkey integrated geospatial solutions. In addition to the Earth observation and geospatial activities, HEAD operates its own Space-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) constellation with four on-orbit satellites including the most recent launch HEAD-5 in June 2020.

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