HEAD partners up with SATLANTIS at the ESA 4S Symposium

Beijing, Paris, Noordwijk, 05 June 2018 – China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (HEAD) attended the ESA 4S Symposium which was held in Sorrento, Italy from May 28th to June 1st. Mrs Kammy Brun, Head of International Business Devel- opment attended the event to foster the footprint of the company’s development in the global commercial small satellite market.

The ESA 4S symposium was initiated in 1992 and is referenced as one of the most significant small satellite industry events in Europe with more than 50 exhibitors representing the key market stakeholders of the industry.

HEAD signed a strategic partnership agreement with SATLANTIS to be their ex- clusive partner to commercialize their innovative small satellite optical camera in China. SATLANTIS offers a broad catalogue of high resolution multispectral (GSD at 0.55m & 1.1m) low weight (6kg & 15kg) small size cameras for Earth observation microsatellites.

Juan Tomás Hermani, CEO, Founder & CEO of SATLANTIS comments: “The inte- grated Standard Imager for Microsatellites (iSIM) is the core of SATLANTIS’ offer, providing an increasing performance, flexibility and on-board processing, demand- ing weaker platform requirements and lower investment in launching costs with shorter delivery times. Its innovative design opens the door to very high-resolution satellite imagery with state-of-the-art quality for medium and small public and private operators."

HEAD has been an incubator for global organizations looking to establish presence in the Chinese space market since the founding of the company in 2007. HEAD has been assisting non-Chinese entities to commercialize their space products and ser- vices with more than 100 successful missions over the last 10 years. This strategic partnership between SATLANTIS and HEAD will provide the commercial small satellite market cost effective and accessible optical cameras offering in the Chinese smallsat market.

About China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (HEAD)

China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd is a privately owned, independent company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Beijing, China with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the Netherlands and France. The company have successfully as- sisted non-Chinese aerospace companies to commercialize their space products and services in China over the last ten years. Driven by a high interest in the small satellite market, HEAD has been investing in a constellation of small satellites with multiple payloads dedicated in providing value-added services and applications. The HEAD-1 satellite is the first technology demonstration satellite as part of the "Skywalker constellation", a multi-functional AIS and Earth observation micro-satellite constellation.


SATLANTIS is a rising NewSpace startup funded by several companies leaders in their industries from an University of Florida’s initiative, founded by renowned entrepreneurs, and supported by some governments and institutions compromised with R&D and the development of their territories. The company is a New Space specialist who provides proven high performance payload technologies to enable the development of high spatial and temporal resolution services for earth observation and teledetection. The vision of SATLANTIS is an industry leader that, directly and through its shareholders and partners, facilitates governments, institutions and companies an increasing affordable access to space through a roadmap of state-of-the-art technologies and services to democratize the use of near space.

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