HEAD invited to speak at UN Space Symposium

Beijing, Paris, Noordwijk, 18 June 2018 – This year marked the 50th anniversary of Unispace+50 Symposium in Vienna, Austria. Executives and heads of international space agencies, organizations and private sectors came together to discuss how global cooperation could contribute to the peaceful use of outer space and achieve UN sustainable development goals.

Being the only private space company to be invited, China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (HEAD) joined and held a presentation.

President of HEAD, Mr. Jason Zhou, participated in the panel discussion themed Space and Space Industry, along with CEOs from SCS Aerospace, Green Spin, Satellogic, Planet and Astroscale.

“Innovation, cooperation and transformation is the vision of HEAD”. Integrated application based on HEAD's Skywalker constellation and Earth Observation data is the company’s strategy to support the sustainable development of United Nations.

Jason spoke about international cooperation being the key factor in the company’s future success. “HEAD looks forward to work with more international partners to build a space eco-system that will generate broader socio-economic benefits to our citizens.”

During the event, HEAD met with national space agencies, organizations and private companies to have deeper exchanges regarding international cooperation, a true showcase of the company’s global vision and influence.

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