Astropreneurs interview with Kammy Brun, HEAD Aerospace Group

A fellow Astropreneur introduced me to Kammy Brun, the Head of International Business Development – China HEAD Aerospace Group. Kammy is based in Paris, France and is multilingual, fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French.

China HEAD Aerospace Group is a service company founded in 2007. Privately owned and fully independent, the company is referenced as a proven partner in Chinese aerospace industry with successful international collaborations experiences.

On the 15th of November 2017 HEAD successfully launched the first commercial Chinese Automatic Identification Satellite (AIS) satellite, ‘ HEAD-1’ as part of our commercial constellation plan to target the Internal Of Things (IoT) market .

Kammy currently serves as the co-chair for Women in Aerospace – Europe (WIA- E), at the Paris Local Group. WIA-E is planning to host a meeting on Monday the 4th of June, click here for more details.

Kammy shared details of her role as the Head of International Business Development, the organization HEAD, and the global industry in general via a telephone conversation.

Astropreneurs: Is the company’s name “HEAD” an acronym, what does it mean?

Kammy Brun: The name of the company is not an acronym. The name is translated from Chinese which means “Leading”.

Astropreneurs: What is the mission and objective of HEAD?

Kammy Brun: The company was founded in 2007. We have been assisting non-Chinese’s organizations to commercialize their space products and services with more than 100 successful missions in the last 10 years. We are refocusing into a new strategy in the last two years to provide applications based on small satellite technologies with our constellation “Skywalker”.

Astropreneurs: Who and where are your customers located?

Kammy Brun: Most of our business is conducted with European and Chinese organizations. There are good business development opportunities within Europe and Africa. We have offices in Paris and the Netherlands. We have limited business with US with the ITAR restrictions.

Astropreneurs: Yes, I’m familiar with ITAR. I see that HEAD has placed its European headquarters in Paris. Is there a reason the organization did not select Luxembourg? Many space-based organizations tend to select Luxembourg due to the economic incentive to locate there.

Kammy Brun: France is a leading country in space development with regard to the percentage of the ESA budget. This was a factor for the location of our European headquarters. Plus being located in Paris makes it a great commute, I lived in France for 14 years. And yes, Luxembourg is very attractive for start-up space organizations.

Astropreneurs: Please share a little about yourself.

Kammy Brun: I’m originally from Hong Kong. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics. I’ve lived in France for 14 years. I received my Masters in International Business while living in Paris. I have a scientist background with interest in business and marketing. I’ve worked within the aerospace field for several years with EADS, Airbus Defense & Space and Euroconsult.

Astropreneurs: Tell me more about your role as Head of International Business Development, it sounds demanding, rewarding and very exciting.

Kammy Brun: The organization has served as an incubator/building block for global organizations looking to establish a presence in the Chinese commercial space market. My interpersonal skills and multi-cultural background are the values used to develop our global partners/relationships. The Chinese commercial space market is in its infancy and we are in the early stages of this development.There are only a few private commercial space organizations and HEAD is the only one that has European offices. We are independent, therefore we have the flexibility to collaborate with our global partners in accordance to our strategies. We are working with our European partners to develop civilian and commercial applications including IoT, agriculture, maritime, infrastructure, and engineering. We have a strategic partnership with the Chinese National Civilian Earth Observation operators to commercialize globally the data/images collected from more than 15 in-orbit satellites such as Superview constellation (Gaojing), Gaofen (GF) satellites, etc.

Astropreneurs: Is there anything else you would like to discuss?

Kammy Brun: Yes, since 2017, I’ve served as the co-chair for Women in Aerospace ( WIA) for the Paris Local Group. WIA started and is based out of the United States. There are not many women in Aerospace in China and Europe. WIA gives women the opportunity to openly network. My organization (HEAD) encouraged me to join WIA.

Astropreneurs: Were you influenced by films, books and etc. to enter into the aerospace sector?

Kammy Brun: Yes, I enjoyed watching the Star Wars films, I believe this was an influencer. And my 4 -years old little boy is a sci-geek, he can recognise and remember the spacecrafts.

Astropreneurs: Thank you Kammy for your time for participating and for your contribution to the article.

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