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Geospatial Solutions

A key player in the market

Thanks to 91 sources of satellite-based Earth observation imagery, HEAD is uniquely positioned to be a key player in the geospatial market and act as a prime contractor to provide complex turnkey integrated geospatial solutions. 

Our offer includes a direct receiving station for near real-time access to satellite imagery, a centralized geodata hub of satellite imagery, and process geospatial data in the country for government and commercial users.

We got it covered
Our geospatial solutions cover various vertical markets, including agriculture, forestry, energy, mining, environment, water, transportation, and defense. Also, it addresses horizontal needs at a city or a regional scale, such as urban planning based on up-to-date satellite imagery and intelligent city management enabled by changes detected by regular captured satellite images. 

Wheat Field



Agriculture & Forestry 

Land cover mapping 

Change detection 

Cadastral & stereo mapping 

Water management 


Pipeline monitoring 

Mining site exploration 

Illegal Mining

Geological surveying 

Offshore monitoring

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Image by Quinten de Graaf
Image by Nick Fewings


Urban planning 

Telecom network planning 

Transport/infrastructure planning

Utility management

Smart cities

Civil Government & Intelligence

Border monitoring 

Intelligence surveillance

Illegal activities 

Costal security 

Critical infrastructure surveillance

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Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


Ship detection & tracking 

Illegal fishing 

Oil spill 

Coastal activity monitoring

Pollution detection



Early warning, Alert, response & recovery 

Search & rescue operations 

Post-disaster management 

Insurance claim analysis 

Humanitarian relief

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Image by Seb Mooze
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